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Jason Brandon Godoy was born on September 27th, 1991 in Downey, California. He was raised in Lakewood and graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in Industrail Organizational Psychology and a minor in Spanish.  He specializes in coaching and empowering Millennials to lead higher levels of emotional aptitude filled with resources and positive mindsets, all while implementing better emotional intelligence practices. Jason has experience in grieving a divorce or dificult breakup, releasing creative blockages in order to birth a new business or project, inner child healing and gaining clarity around a vision or problem. 

Jason is known for being a results-driven individual who strives to help others succeed. As well as a Passionate problem solver focused on exploring new possibilities and delivering experiences to improve his clients’ well-being and overall life satisfaction.

He is recognized for his exceptional leadership and outside-the-box thinking for implementing innovative solutions to resolve complex issues. With proven experience in the Corporate world of Logistics and Transportation Management, along with past experience in the retail, commercial property management and hospitality sectors he is literally a wealth of experience and he intends to share his experience with as many people as possible.

If you’re emotionally drained and stressed about all the challenges or problems in your life, it’s actually normal... Worrying about things you can't even see, (emotions) that you can’t seem to grasp and that constantly seems to find itself leaving you overwhelmed at inopportune times, is actually not strange at all... You’re not alone. In fact, Jason B. Godoy had been so emotionally paralyzed from divorce, death of loved ones and various other challenges life confronted him with that he had to take a short stress disability leave from work at one point. Paralyzed in fear... Unsure of what to do...He grew tired of the constant worry and anxiety. So he created a plan that was both necessary and wanted. The discovery of just how life-changing it was to finally see emotions as possibilities and tools, instead of pains and problems was what inspired him to do what he does today. This empowered him to live in emotional integrity. In helping others achieve what they want in life, he will accomplish what he wants from life.

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