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 To wake up the curiosity of adults and create a harmonious world where we can discover the wonder inside of ourselves and act on them.

Interview Episode #85

Workplace Stress Management & Mental Resilience 

(Interview w/ Tamara Smith of The Grieving Mind)

In this video we sit down with Tamara Smith the creator of the (IAP) Industrial Athlete Program and founder of The Grieving Mind to discuss a multitude of topics pertaining to stress and mental resiliency in the workplace. Tamara is a certified NLP Master Practiciner, an ergonmic fitness specialist and the combination of her skill sets and life experiences have led her down a path as a transitions and personal development coach.

Discussed in this episode:
- Daily Gratitude Practices (5-Minute Journal)  

@ 13 Minute Mark
- Existential Relief (Who do I want to become?)

@ 18 minutes
- Anchoring states of calmness, focus and energy @ 21 minutes
- The Peak Focus Chart and Focus Curve

@ 23 minutes
- Focial awareness and acuity exercise to increase focus @ 33 min
- SWISH technique to rewire our physiological patterns @ 41 min
- Apple Visualization Test @ 43 min
- Self Fulfilling Prophecy and Emotional Self Sabotage @ 59 Min
- Energy Increasing Tapping Exercises

@ 1 hour 4 minutes
- Positive Reframing @ 1 hour 10 minutes
- Essential Oils (Focus Blend) @ 1 hour 15 minutes
- How to create more hope and be more hopeful

@ 1 hour 30 min
- Perfectionism and how to break the perfection trap @ 1hr 35 min


Tools/Links Mentioned in the episode:

- 5 Minute Journal App - https://www.intelligentchange.com/pages/five-minute-journal-app


- Positive/Negative Moments of Wonder Reframe Journals
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Voice introduction by Heartleigh D. Godoy 

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YOUR podcast for the HUMAN who is tired of Wondering about the world around them and ready to wake up to their POWER within this world. We all seek wonders as we go about the world but consider the possibility that those wonders are all inside of YOU. Host, Jason B. Godoy shares with you real life experiences from his personal life where he was left wondering and how he discovered the wonders inside of himself leading him to take action towards that something more.

Studies from the University of Berkley, CA have pursued the scientific and health benefits from moments of wonder such as anti-inflammatory effects on the brain and bouts of uninhibited creativity that can even induce higher levels of neurological functioning similar to those we experience in  a flow state. Wake up with Wonder is not the spread of knowledge but rather a safe container for growth, reflection, practice, learning, teaching, feelings and transformation. Wonder as an object is a vessel to share the gifts of life and spread love.

I would love to hear from you and learn your perspective about wonder, but more importantly help you discover the wonders inside of yourself. Feel free to email me or reach out on social media to discuss Wonder, creativity coaching or to inquire about being a guest on a future podcast episode.



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